Whether it's to meet demand, for a short-term replacement or to increase your production, our team will meet your needs.
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Whether you’re anticipating an increase in business, needing a short-term replacement, or are simply responding to customer demand, we’ll be there to support you in your search.

Our staff placement guarantee

ExpressA Staffing is fully confident in the reliability of its team. Since it is very rare for one of our employees to be absent, we offer you an investment guarantee that applies from the moment you choose our services. Should a member of our team be absent and we are unable to replace him or her, we will compensate you at 50% of the planned mandate.

Affordable service

At ExpressA Staffing inc. we’re committed to providing you with quality service at an affordable price. That’s why we employ experienced professionals with the qualities you’re looking for.

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To find out exactly what you want and need, we’ll send you a detailed contract. You’ll be fully informed about our investment service and its guarantees.

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Our agency of butchers, fishmongers and meat packers will stay in touch with you to ensure your complete satisfaction.


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